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Credit Card Safety Tips

In this modern age, technology changes our lifestyle. It changes our social life, financial and transaction activities and also economic life.

Paper money is now almost replaced by the virtual money system. Debit card, credit card, online payment, online banking, bitcoin, etc are elements of the virtual money system.

This online monetary system makes our life easy and fast. It makes our economy more efficient than before.

But on the other hand cybercrime and fraudulence also increased. So the basic knowledge about the protection of credit card is now essential for everybody who uses any credit cards.

So now we to try to find out some basic tips that may help one to protect his money from fraud.

Credit Card Safety Tips

Practice some basic credit card securities

  • Such as sign the back just after receiving a new credit card, credit card and PIN should not store at the same place, PIN code should not write down with the card.
  • One should keep one’s card private, shouldn’t show it publicly.
  • One shouldn’t give one’s card or bank account information over the phone to an unknown person.
  • Never should answer any email which tries asking about one’s account information or personal information, even if it looks like from a bank or any other reputable company or organizations.
  • Shouldn’t keep any extra space on one’s receipt and should draw a line through it so no one can add any additional amounts. Shouldn’t just throw out old or useless receipts or duplicate statements.
  • Those types of papers should destroy properly so that no one can find his personal information.

For securing one’s digital information, he should practice the following tips:

  1. One should make sure that his computer is equipped with a firewall. Be sure to change the password and keep the firewall turned on.
  2. Should download and install updates operating system, software, and browser when prompted. These updates tend to include the most up-to-date security features.
  3. Also should install security software. The most common type of security software is antivirus, which protects your computer from malicious code, and anti-spyware, which keeps people from monitoring your activity.

Now online shopping is more popular than ever, so it’s more important to protect one’s information online. Try to shop at established businesses that one can contact easily if there’s an issue.

One should make sure that he checks policies on payment, refunds, returns, and shipping. Finally, be sure to keep copies of any confirmation codes or receipts.

  • One’s password of credit card or accounts should be complex and combines letters and numbers—the longer the better. Should avoid using any details that are easy to guess.
  • One should check his accounts frequently and keep his eyes always on transactions of his accounts. Finally if one lost his credit card by any way he has to contact with the credit card issue authority instantly.
  • So that the credit card issuer can block the stolen or lost card and account number so no one else can use them, then give you a new card and account number.


You should know the credit card safety tips if you have a credit card or are applying for a new one.

Thieves are getting more advanced in stealing, so you should be prepared for it.

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